Sweet Orange Fruit Powder

100% Pure Natural Sweet Orange Flavor Fruit Juice Powder 

Sweet Orange Powder are widely grown in warm climates worldwide, and the flavors of orange vary from sweet to sour. The fruit is commonly peeled and eaten fresh, or squeezed for its juice. It has a thick bitter rind that is usually discarded, but can be processed into animal feed by removing water using pressure and heat. It is also used in certain recipes as flavoring or a garnish. The outer-most layer of the rind is grated or thinly veneered with a tool called a popular in cooking because it has a flavor similar to the fleshy inner part of the orange. The white part of the rind, called the pericarp or pith, is a source of pectin.Retained to the maximum extent all kinds of raw materials’ original flavor, color and luster. They have very good embellish effects and the solubility is strong. High nutritional value, easy to absorb, healthy and tasty, eating convenient are also their obvious advantage characteristics. They can be used as food ingredients, instead of traditional essence and organic coloring matter.

Sweet Orange Fruit Juice Powder

• Long shelf life at ambient temperature.
• Large visible pieces that look like the original fruit or vegetable.
• A totally authentic flavour.
• High intensity natural colours
• Instant or rapid re-hydration in hot or cold water or milk.
• A crispy texture that melts in the mouth.
• Clean ingredient declarations
• No added sugar
• No E numbers, additives or carriers

Natural Vegetarian Sweet Orange Fruit Juice Powder with Vitamin C

1.Orange Fruit Powder has good function on the treatment of hypertension.
2. Orange Fruit Powder can enhance the effect of Vitamin C.
3. Orange Fruit Powder can lower the Cholesterol.
4. Orange Fruit Powder is one good Anti-inflammatory and antiviral Antioxidant.

Application of Orange Powder

1. Applied in food field, various foods are use it as the materials;
2. Applied in pharmaceutical field, it is made into tablet or capsule, which is often used for eat
less and coughing much sputum;
3. Applied in cosmetic field, many sorts of orange peel oil can nourish the skin.

All extract products sold by the company are semi-finished raw materials. They are only sold to manufacturer with related qualifications such as food factories, health food factories, beverage factories, cosmetics factories, or related distribution companies. They are not sold to individuals and are not recommended for direct consumption.


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