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Mangosteen powder comes from the evergreen tree mangosteen husk of the Garcinia family of Guttiferae, known as the “Queen of Fruits” in Indonesia and Malaysia. Mangosteen peel has been used as a traditional medicine for the treatment of abdominal pain, diarrhea, dysentery, infectious wounds, suppuration, chronic ulcers, leucorrhea, gonorrhea and other diseases. In recent years, studies have found that mangosteen is the highest fruit containing oral ketone compounds. Studies have confirmed that mangosteen extract has excellent anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and antioxidant activities, and has antibacterial activity against multiple bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus, Shigella dysenteriae, etc.mangosteen powder for weight loss.

mangosteen powder Application

1. Applied in Food field;
2. Applied in Pharmaceutical field. (mangosteen extract)

mangosteen powder Main Function uses

1. It has the function of Anti-oxidant, anti-aging, anti-cancer;
2. With the function of anti-bacterial, it can prevent infections &tuberculosis, diarrhea and cystitis, gonorrhea and gleet;
3. With the function of regulating microbiological balance; it can relieve eczema and other skin disorders;
4. It benifis the immune system and improves joint flexibility.

GMP Certified 100% dried mangosteen fruit Extract powder

All extract products sold by the company are semi-finished raw materials. They are only sold to manufacturer with related qualifications such as food factories, health food factories, beverage factories, cosmetics factories, or related distribution companies. They are not sold to individuals and are not recommended for direct consumption.


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