Beetroot juice powder

Beetroot juice powder product information:
【Chinese name】 Red beet juice powder
【English name】 Red Beet Powder / Beetroot juice powder/Beetroot vegetable powder
【Properties】 Purple red powder
【Characteristics】Rich taste, good water solubility
【Application】 Food additives, flavoring agents for health products; solid beverages, dairy products, instant foods, flavoring agents, baking, cakes, snack foods, cold drinks, etc.
【Drying method】 Spray drying
【Shelf life】2 years
【Packing】 1kg / bag; 25kg / cardboard drum; or according to customer needs
【Save】 Cool and dry, keep away from light
【Manufacturer】 Undersun Biomedtech Corp
【Enterprise Qualification】 ISO,HACCP, KOSHER,HALA,Certification.

Natural Beetroot juice powder nutrients
Beetroot powder is a kind of powder that is ground after drying the beetroot. It has high nutritional value and good health care effect. Beetroot juice powder is rich in nutrients such as minerals. It has a sweet taste, a variety of eating methods, and has high medicinal value. Beetroot has natural red vitamin B12 and high-quality iron. Beetroot also contains high levels of nitrate. In the process of making beetroot powder, the nutrients have not changed a lot. Beetroot powder contains a lot of sugar, which can supplement the body’s nutrition.

Organic beetroot powder benefits
(1) Improve anemia
(2) Blood pressure and fat reduction
(3) Detox laxative
(4) Spleen and stomach
(5) Energy supplement

Certified organic beetroot powder

Buy beetroot powder-beetroot powder extract
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