Cherry Fruit Powder

Factory Price Supply organic Vitamin Cherry Fruit Extract Powder

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Factory Price Supply organic Vitamin Cherry Fruit Extract Powder

【Product Name】:Cherry extract, Cherry fruit powder;
【Product shape】:The powder is loose, no agglomeration, no visible impurities;
【Product color】:light pink powder or the inherent color of the product, the powder is uniform;
【Origin of raw materials】:East China and Shanxi, Henan,Hebei,Sichuan and other places are cultivated, harvested when the fruit is ripe in early summer;
【Features】: Low moisture content can extend the storage period, reduce storage, transportation, packaging and other costs; after processing into powder, expand the application range of cherry raw materials;
【Product use】: health care products, food, beverages, food additives and cosmetics;
【Product packaging】: 1kg / bag, 25kg / barrel;
【Storage conditions】:This product should be sealed and shading, stored in a dry, cool and well-ventilated place;
【Shelf life】:Two years.

Function of Cherry Fruit Powder

1. Prevent Cardiovascular disease;

2. Promote the growth of collagen and skin elasticity;

3. Promote the growth of teeth and bone, prevent bleeding gums;

4. Promote absorption of iron and calcium;

5. Anti-oxidation, detoxify and reduce the damage of smoking and drinking;

6. Improve the body’s immunity.

Cherry Extract Powder Cherry Fruit Powder Cherry Powder

1.Undersun cherries are rich in vitamin C, is the world’s best-known vitamin C-rich fruit. Its 100 g fruit VC content of 2445 mg, much higher than the lemon 40mg, 68mg citrus and kiwifruit 100mg, which has been considered a high vitamin C content of guava was only just 180mg, is a veritable “vitamin the C king. ”

2.Meanwhile, cherries also contain a variety of nutrients vitamins A, B1, B2, E, P, nicotinic acid, anti-aging factor (SOD), calcium, iron, zinc, potassium and protein and other substances, high nutritional value, the “fruit of life” in the world. Vitamin P can prevent the oxidation of vitamin C is damaged, the effect of enhancing the absorption and utilization of the VC.

3.Widely used as the ingredients of food and beverage.

4.Widely used as the ingredients of health-care products.

All extract products sold by the company are semi-finished raw materials. They are only sold to manufacturer with related qualifications such as food factories, health food factories, beverage factories, cosmetics factories, or related distribution companies. They are not sold to individuals and are not recommended for direct consumption.


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