Sea Buckthorn Fruit powder wholesale US

Sea buckthorn in ayurveda Sea buckthorn fruit powder, sea buckthorn fruit powder is a raw material made by spray drying of sea buckthorn fresh juice. In addition, what are the characteristics of sea buckthorn fruit powder? Let me give you a detailed introduction to the characteristics of seabuckthorn fruit powder. In fact, seabuckthorn fruit powder is the best raw material for a new dietary product made after processing of seabuckthorn juice. The appearance of seabuckthorn fruit powder is loose and even fine powder, the color is yellow or orange, and has the inherent aroma of seabuckthorn fruit. Taste and no odor. Seabuckthorn fruit powder effectively preserves the original color and fragrance of seabuckthorn and the original nutritional ingredients of seabuckthorn. Seabuckthorn fruit powder is also a raw material that is easy to store and transport. Best fruit powders Sea buckthorn fruit powder contains a lot of nutrients. 1 gram of sea buckthorn fruit powder contains 100 mg of sea buckthorn fruit acid. And sea buckthorn fruit powder also has the effect of removing lead and anti-oxidation, and sea buckthorn fruit powder can be easily made into Tablets or granules and other dosage forms. Super fruits powder Sea buckthorn fruit powder is rich in trace elements, amino acids, vitamins and natural fruit acids.Sea Buckthorn Fruit powder wholesale US,100% natural fruit powder factory, Halal, Organic, KOSHER Certified, Add:1901 S.Lynx Place, Ontario, CA 91761,Ph:+16263716327,

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