Super Food—Beetroot juice powder

Beetroot juice powder and nutritional value
Super Food Beetroot juice powder herb, sweet and mild in nature; has the effects of strengthening stomach and digesting food, relieving cough and reducing phlegm, smoothing and diuretic, eliminating heat and detoxification, and liver detoxification Beetroot contains a lot of folic acid and vitamins, it also contains a lot of vitamin C, and a lot of cellulose and pectin ingredients.

Natural Red Beet Root Powder
Natural Red Beet Root Powder is a powder that is dried and then minced and ground. Beetroot juice powder is some organic in daily life. You can buy fresh beetroot including the current Internet, but most friends are willing to buy better quality beetroot powder. However, improper storage temperature of fresh beetroot can easily lead to the loss of nutritional value; root crops are worried about pesticide residues and heavy metal hazards during planting; beetroot powder is a better choice. At present, there are many beetroot powders on the market. ,nutrition.

Which is better beetroot juice or powder?
(1) There is no harm in testing: growing beetroots in the soil, growing healthy and safe beetroots is very demanding on the soil, and some farmers try fertilizers or even pesticides on the soil for output, so that the soil produces high yields of beetroots, but It contains heavy metals and pesticide residues that exceed the standard. It is recommended that when you buy beetroot powder, businesses are required to show authoritative institutions to check pesticide residues and heavy metal indicators;
(2) Use determines the quality: when buying beetroot powder, understand the merchant’s use, generally beetroot powder is mainly used for pastry dyeing, rough processing technology, high output, but the quality is greatly reduced;
(3) Processing technology determines quality: At present, 90% of beetroot powder production technology is ground at high temperature, low cost, short production cycle, high yield, beetroot nutrients are damaged, such as beetroot rich in polysaccharides can enhance the body Immune function, the polysaccharide transforms into sugar at high temperature and becomes acidic in the human body, but increases the burden of human function, so it is recommended to choose a low-temperature grinding process;

  • Suitable for the crowd: middle-aged and elderly, pregnant and lactating women; anemia, osteoporosis, low immunity, people who drink alcohol and smoke frequently. Please feel free to contact us or

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