mangosteen powder for weight loss

1.What is mangosteen powder used for?
The mangosteen fruit powder produced by our company is made of high-quality mangosteen as raw material and processed by the current advanced spray drying technology. Maintain the original taste of mangosteen to a great extent, mainly containing other vitamins and acids such as VC. Powdery, good fluidity, good taste, easy to dissolve and easy to store.
Applications: Medical and health products, healthy nutrition products, infant food, solid drinks, dairy products, convenience foods, puffed foods, condiments, middle-aged and elderly foods, baked goods, snack foods, cold foods and cold drinks, etc.
Recommended dosage: solid drinks (5%), drinks (5%), snack foods (3-5%), medical foods (5-20%)

2.What are the health benefits of mangosteen?
Mangosteen pulp contains soluble solids 16.8%, citric acid 0.63%, and also contains other vitamins B1, B2, C4 and minerals. It has the effect of reducing dryness, cooling and antipyretic. Therefore, mangosteen is not only delicious, but also has the effect of reducing fire , Mangosteen is rich in protein and lipids, it has a good tonic effect on the body, and has a good effect on the maintenance of frail, malnourished, and after illness.

3.Is mangosteen powder safe?
Mangosteen powder from the evergreen tree mangosteen shells of the Garcinia genus Guttiferae known as the “Queen of Fruits” in Indonesia and Malaysia. Mangosteen peel has been used as a traditional medicine for the treatment of abdominal pain, diarrhea, dysentery, infectious trauma, suppuration, chronic ulcers, leucorrhea, gonorrhea and other diseases. In recent years, studies have found that mangosteen is a fruit with high ketone compounds. Studies have confirmed that mangosteen extract has excellent anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, antioxidant activity and other multiple bacteria with antibacterial activity.

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