trader joe’s freeze dried raspberries

1.raspberry powder benefits
Raspberries can be washed directly and eaten as fruits, and can also be used to make drinks or desserts. However, in traditional Chinese medicine, raspberries can be used as traditional Chinese medicine after some sun drying and other processes. But many people do not know what diseases and effects of raspberries can treat. So, what is the effect of raspberries?

2.Medicine and food dual-use effect
Raspberries are actually medicinal and edible. When eaten as fruits, they can actually become raspberries. They have a sweet taste and a little sourness, and can be washed fresh and used directly. However, if it is a green immature period, it can be processed and then made into traditional Chinese medicine raspberry. Raspberry has a good effect on kidney medicine and essence. Fruit effect Raspberries are rich in cellulose, such as some trace elements such as potassium, zinc, iron and so on. All have good health effects on the body, and the fruit of raspberry has a relatively high sugar content, which can supplement the sugar needed by our body. In addition, the acid content is also relatively high, with the title of the fruit of life. Raspberry is a kind of fruit with rich nutritional value.

3.Chinese herbal medicine of raspberry
(1) Improve male sexual function
Raspberries have very rich nutritional value as fruits, and actually have very good effects as medicines. First of all, raspberries have a good effect on men to strengthen the kidneys and strengthen the essence and contract the pulse. It is mainly used clinically to treat symptoms such as spermatorrhea or night sweats. In addition, if there is sexual erection disorder or indifferent sexual desire, raspberries can improve sexual excitability and have the effect of impotence.
(2) Protect your eyesight
In addition to having a good effect on male function, it can also protect and improve eyesight. It also has a good therapeutic effect on some senile eye diseases. Of course, raspberries are actually very good cosmetic drugs. The flavonoids contained in raspberries In fact, it can play an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory role, and can also lower our blood pressure, improve skin blood circulation, and can enhance skin elasticity, promote cell regeneration, and have a good beauty and beauty effect.

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