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China’s total fruit area and total output have consistently ranked first in the world. The country’s total fruit volume is 270 million tons, of which the global output of melons, pears and other categories has exceeded 64%. However, due to the large consumption of fruits and vegetables in our country, and the processing and conversion capacity of fruits is also lower than that of developed countries. At the same time, traditional processing methods have low added value and are increasingly unsuited to the needs of modern social markets. Therefore, as a new type of processing method, fruit and vegetable powder processing has quietly emerged with the needs of the modern food industry. International and domestic fruit and vegetable powder processing status: At present, advanced fruit and vegetable powder processing in developed countries has developed in the direction of low temperature and frozen ultrafine crushing, and has achieved full-efficiency utilization. It is more convenient to use and retains more nutrients. It is easier for the human body to absorb. Digestion and utilization. The start of fruit processing in our country is relatively late, the production conditions of processing enterprises are simple, and the problems of backward processing technology and technology have always restricted the development of fruit and vegetable processing in China.

Second, the processing technology of fruit and vegetable powder: fresh fruit and vegetable-cleaning-juice extraction-filtration-enzymolysis-spray drying-sieving-packaging-finished product three, the main application areas; because fruit and vegetable powder can be very good It maintains the flavor and nutritional content of the original fruit and is added as a functional food raw material, which can significantly improve the taste, flavor, and color of the product, and increase the value of the product.

1.Beverage industry
With the development of the food and beverage industry, it can be added as a fruity beverage, yogurt, etc. to increase the taste and color of the product. As a beverage, it has the characteristics of “four modernizations”, “three lows”, “two highs” and “one nothing”. The “four modernizations” are diversification, simplicity, health care, and practicality. “Three lows” means low fat, low cholesterol, and low sugar. “Two high” means high protein and high dietary fiber. “Nothing” means no preservatives, colors, flavors, etc.

2.Functional solid meal replacement powder
Because the fruit and vegetable powder is concentrated and refined from natural fruits and vegetables, it is rich in various dietary fibers and trace elements. And has the characteristics of good taste.

3.Baked goods
Can be used as a natural colorant with low sugar, low fat, low calories, and can be used to bake cakes, biscuits, etc. to increase product selling points. Shaanxi Undersun Biomedtech Co., Ltd All Rights Reserved. According to market demand, we have now developed:
Taro powder Grape powder Strawberry powder Coniferous cherry powder Sweet orange powder Blueberry powder
Lemon powder Matcha powder Acai powder Apple (green) fruit powder Sea buckthorn powder Mango powder
Pineapple powder Papaya powder Mulberry powder Tomato powder Sydney powder Wolfberry powder Hawthorn powder
Kiwi powder, cranberry powder
, etc., and can be customized production according to customer requirements, develop new products.

The fruit and vegetable powder produced by the company adopts domestic leading spray drying technology. The products have the characteristics of bright color, good taste, instant solubility, etc., and are widely used in various meal replacement powder solid drinks and pastries.

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