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Undersun Biomedtech Corp, established in 2004, Our products are used in Dietary Supplements, Organic Products, Food And Beverage Additives, which can be used well in pharmaceuticals, health products, natural pigments, and cosmetics.All products are well suited to meet the needs of different lines of business.We provide organic solutions and innovation for almost 20 industry sectors across more than 40 countries, including Food & Beverages, Fruit & vegetable powder / juice concentrate, Vegan foods, and Nutritionals.

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We have a North American warehouse in Los Angeles with a factory area of over 22,000 square meters. With an annual output of 3,000 tons of Blueberry powder, Wolfberry fruit powder,Strawberry powder, Raspberry fruit powder, Mango fruit powder,Elderberry Concentrate, Wheat seedling juice powder, Spinach juice powder, Kiwi fruit powder, strictly adhere to GMP standards.

All of our ingredients meet strict quality and food safety standards and surpass industry standards for purity and cleanliness.

Our food ingredients are certified to applicable organic standards: National Organic Program (NOP) and European Union (EU).

We use organic certifiers (Ceres) who meet or exceed IFOAM standards and are accepted worldwide.

We also have ISO, HACCP, KOSHER,HALA,certification.

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